Barcode Card Scanner

After being encumbered by multiple membership cards in my wallet, our team created an iOS application that gives users the freedom of their cards.

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Barcode Card Scanner was created using Swift as a final project for my Advanced Mobile iOS Development course. Our team originally created this after realizing how cumbersome it was to constantly carry multiple cards in our wallets. As a result, we developed an iOS application that would conveniently store all of their information in the palm of your hands


The idea behind Barcode Card Scanner was that the user would be able to use their camera during real-time to scan for barcodes. If no barcode is present, then the user would be able to manually input a series of numbers and characters to create a digital card.

We also wanted the application to hold pre-defined rewards cards, such as from Best Buy or Canadian Tire. If the user chose these options, instead of a custom card, then our application would provide the user with deals for the appropriate card that was chosen.


Barcode Card Scanner

Team Members

Michael Marc