A web-based patient management system that allows nurses and doctors to easily manage their patients!

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For my .NET course, we were tasked to create a web-based enterprise application. Using the C# language and the ASP.NET framework, we created Caregiver – a patient management system for nurses and doctors. Our team’s focus was to not only create a web application that manages patients, but to also create a prototype for diagnosing a patient.


The user must first login using their credentials to access the application. Additionally, administrative users are allowed to view the internal database and make modifications. Once the user logs in successfully and enters the home page, they are able to view all existing patients, create new patients, search for specific patients, and, if the user is an administrator, make special changes to the database.

Using SQL Server Management Studio and the ADO.NET framework, we keep track of user and patient data inside a database. In order to keep track of a patient’s symptoms & history, we used 2 association tables to establish a relationship between the Patient, Symptom, and History tables. Every time a new patient is created from the application, a record will be added to the corresponding tables. The relationship of the tables can be seen on image on the left.

For the diagnosis feature, our team did some research to identify diseases with similar symptoms and history traits. To simplify the application, we used check boxes to state if the patient has specific medical history traits and the current symptoms they are experiencing. Since this is a prototype, we only identified if a patient has the chance of potentially getting a stroke, coronary artery disease, the flu, kidney disease, or nothing in particular.

Some input controls, such as date of birth, phone number, and postal code, are validated before entered into the database. We used an input masking framework by Igor Escobar called jQuery Mask Plugin to perform this front-end validation. For example, the user must enter the format of YYYY-MM-DD for the date of birth in order to create a new user.

As for the visual designs of the application, our team used the Bootstrap framework to create the visual layout for each web page.



Team Members

Ryan Haire