Home Buddy

Helping kids make the most out of quarantine by exploring their homes!

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For most kids, summertime is filled with endless fun and laughter. Kids deserve to still form these happy memories, even when in quarantine. To fill this time, lots of kids will play games and use apps that distract them from what's going on around them. Home Buddy, however, allows them to see their surroundings in a new perspective by turning everyday things into exciting games.


Home Buddy encourages kids to use their senses by playing games based on what's going on around them. Show Me is a game that prompts kids to find a specific item in their home and take a picture of it. If the camera recognizes the correct object, they win a point. Alarm Alert keeps kids on their toes by keeping their ear out for alarm noises. If the app detects an alarm, Sloane the Sloth will start screaming.

We created this cross-platform application for both Android and iOS using the Flutter SDK and the Dart programming language. It uses the Google Cloud Vision AI to allow us to detect what objects are being scanned by the user's camera.

To perform audio level analysis, we used a Dart package called noise_meter. This package allowed us to retreive the decibel (dB) of the incoming audio from the user's phone. Additionally, we used another Dart package called oscilloscope to create a real-time graph that displays these decibel values. If the audio reaches a certain dB, then we notify the user that Sloane the Sloth hears a loud noise.


Home Buddy