A simple movie ticket store web-application using Windows Forms!

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TicketFlip was a simple movie-ticket-buying web application written in C#. Using the ASP.NET framework, this application allowed the user to purchase a movie from a select variety. The main focus of this web application is to make it recognize the difference between registered users, non-registered users, and administrative users, which was easily done using a database


Whenever a user would register through the application, its credentials would be stored into a localized database. For this project, Microsoft SQL Management Studio was used to house the tables and data of the users. Using the ADO.NET framework, the web application would be able to carry out database operations, such as SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

If an admin were to sign in to the application, only they would have access to the Database Access web page. This page allows them to search for a specific user or create changes to the database directly.