An automated meal planning app; improving the information delivery and communication system within nursing homes.

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For DeltaHacks V, my team and I wanted to create an application that is finds solutions to existing problems in our communities. After contacting a previous employee of a nursing home, we learned that there is a large communication problem between the caretakers and the seniors. Problems, such as food allergies, can create problematic outcomes, and we really wanted to focus on creating a fix for these problems. And thus, Vital was born.


Vital is an Android application that allows caretakers to track their assigned patients’ nutritional health, build personal connections with patients through meal planning, as well as ease any worries a patients’ family members may have by sending regular reports.

Android Studio was used to design the layout and flow of the many activities, as seen on the picture on the right. Sketch, a design toolkit and vector graphics editor, was used to design the user interface for the application after solidifying its concept. In order to transfer the user interface elements from Sketch to Android Studio, we used an Android Studio plugin called Sympli.

As seen on the picture below, our team was awarded second place in the Triangle Challenges in DeltaHacks V for creating an application that benefits the community.