Line Jumper

A handy tool for monitoring grocery store lineups during COVID-19!

Home Buddy

Helping kids make the most out of quarantine by exploring their homes!


Providing seniors with a way of getting their groceries without needing to step out of their house!


Turn your Discord messages into an "uwu" styled text!

The Zoo Gallery

Manage your zoo animals in a command-line program written in C!


A web-based patient management system that allows nurses and doctors to easily manage their patients!


A simple movie ticket store web-application using Windows Forms!

Knight's Tour

"Can the knight chess piece move around an empty chessboard and touch each of the 64 squares once and only once?"


An automated meal planning app; improving the information delivery and communication system within nursing homes.


Streamlining sign language for everyone using the Leap Motion Controller!

Barcode Card Scanner

After being encumbered by multiple membership cards in my wallet, our team created an iOS application that gives users the freedom of their cards.

Bollards in my Community Scholarship

Supporting the future generation of architects, planners, and designers!