Turn your Discord messages into an "uwu" styled text!

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uwubot is a fun Discord bot with the intent of making cute comments and spreading culture. The bot translates any previous comment into the "uwu" language. "uwu" is a popular text-based emoticon that is often accompanied with happy/smug messages, often used as a joke. The original uwubot was created by kawaiiCirno (https://github.com/kawaiiCirno).


Using Python and discord.py, a Discord API wrapper, I created a Discord bot that would read messages and convert them using special commands. The uwubot.py file contains 4 commands that the user can execute on Discord.

  • !uwu uwuify will retrieve the latest message (from the last 100 messages) sent in a text channel and convert it into the "uwu" language. The uwulater.py contains the specific keywords and characters that will be replaced successively by the bot, such as mom, no, and r.

  • !uwu help contains the instructions to use uwubot and displays it in an embedded message.

  • !uwu all will do the equivalent of !uwu, but it will convert every message onward into the "uwu" language. This command will also negate if the command was used before.

  • !uwu all delete will do the same as the command above, but it will delete the original message.